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The pneumatic and automation products are widely used in the below equipments:

  • Mining Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Textile Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Other Piping system equipment, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and lubricating fluid delivery.
  • Electric vehicle industry, especially stainless Steel air tube fittings.




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How to use brass solenoid valve to save water consumption?

You may be worried that your garden can't be watered automatically or the faucet won't turn off automatically. Pls stop worrying, a brass solenoid valve and electrical timer will solve your problems easily, just view this video.

What are Solenoid valves’ common uses?

Solenoid valves are used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to control cylinders, fluid power motors or larger industrial valves. Automatic irrigation sprinkler systems also use solenoid valves with an automatic controller. 

10 common uses of solenoid valves:

  • Manufacturing Systems. 

  • Agriculture. Most agricultural types of equipment contain solenoid valves to control a system.
  • Automotive Applications. 

  • Refrigeration Appliances and systems.
  • Air Compressor units. Solenoid valves can keep the compressor’s air in the tank or release it into the system.

  • Water Metering Devices. These are mechanical devices that regulate the amount of water dispensed. 

  • Natural Gas Installations and Appliances. Solenoid valves are used in both industrial and home gas systems to open or stop the flow of natural gas.

  • Vacuum Systems. A vacuum solenoid valve is usually designed to be leak-free.

  • Home Heating Units.

  • Car Washing Machines.


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