Nylon Tube

Product Details:

Multi-size Polyurethane Hose High-Pressure, Nylon Tube Drinkable Water PE Pneumatic Hose, PE tube,
Nylon Tube is with smooth surface, low resistance, anti- rustiness and anti-scaling Flexible, easily to be bent into all kinds of shapes, easy to install high chemical and hydrolysis resistance, stable dimension, little penetration.


Product Name
Nylon hose/Nylon tube
Any size available
Working Temperature
-40 ℃~+120℃
Nylon PA6/PA11/PA12
Pneumatic Controls, Fuels, and Oils, Lubrication, Hydraulics, Air Conditioning, Chemical Transfer, Automotive Instrumentation.

Long Fatigue Life
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Broad Range of Corrosion-resistance and Chemical compatibility

Resistant to most solvents, alkalis, oils, petroleum products, fungi, molds, and dilute acids (mineral and organic).

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