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Air Fittings

Air Fittings

Additional information

Max. Pressure resistance

10 bar

Working Pressure

0-8.5 bar

Working Media

Air, Gas, Oil

Operating Temperature

-5 – 80℃

Product Details:

Air fittings/Push-in fittings/Pneumatic fittings /Air connector/Pneumatic accessories are used widely in almost all automatic devices. Although they are not big parts, they play an important role in connecting all pneumatic components.

All models are available:


Below is an example of the detail of PC straight air fitting.

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Ordering Code:

                      PC                             8                –              02           

                       Model                             Port size                            Thread size

                               PC                                    4mm                                    M5: M5

                                                                        6mm                                     01: 1/8”

                                                                        8mm                                     02: 1/4”

                                                                      10mm                                     03: 3/8”

                                                                      12mm                                     04: 1/2”





PC4-M5 PC10-01 For example PC6-01(G)(1)(2)(3)(4)
PC4-01 PC10-02 (1)Model: PC
PC4-02 PC10-03 (2) Tube OD(mm) 6mm
PC4-03 PC10-04 Metric:  3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16
PC6-M5 PC12-01 English:  1/8”  5/32”  3/16”  1/4”  5/16”  3/8”  1/2”
PC6-01 PC12-02 (3)Thread Size
PC6-02 PC12-03 Metric:  M3/M5/M6/M8/M10/M12/M14/M16/M22
PC6-03 PC12-04 English: 01:1/8”   02:1/4”   03:3/8”    04:1/2”
PC6-04 PC14-03 (4)Inch thread form:
PC8-01 PC14-04 Default: BSP(BSPP/G)
PC8-02 PC16-02 (PT): BSPT(R)
PC8-03 PC16-03 (N): NPT(Z)
PC8-04 PC16-04


Male Thread Size BSP 
Medium Air – Water – Vacuum
Apply For 8mm tube/hose
Applicable Tube PU / PA / PE / PVC
BSP Thread Data 1/8″ BSP thread———Thread Outside Diameter: 9.728mm

1/4″ BSP thread———Thread Outside Diameter: 13.157mm

3/8″ BSP thread———Thread Outside Diameter: 16.662mm

1/2″ BSP thread———Thread Outside Diameter: 20.955mm

3/4″ BSP thread———Thread Outside Diameter: 26.441mm

1″ BSP thread———–Thread Outside Diameter: 33.249mm

Cap color Black,blue,white





















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