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PU Tube (Polyurethane tubing)

PU Tube (Polyurethane tubing)

Additional information

Max. Pressure resistance

10 bar

Operating Temperature


Working Media

Air, Non-corrosive oil, Water

Product Details:

Brief Introduction:

Polyurethane tubing is an important dynamic conduit, indispensable across industries. Renowned for its adaptable nature, it’s a master of fluid and gas transportation. Yet, its brilliance doesn’t end there. With a knack for absorbing vibrations, it’s the guardian of sensitive machinery. Low friction ensures fluid flow remains smooth, complemented by its robust resistance to oils and chemicals, guaranteeing longevity. Whether in pneumatic systems or medical devices, polyurethane tubing is the quiet champion, harmonizing with applications seamlessly, delivering efficiency, durability, and unparalleled performance.

TOPO is your suitable polyurethane tube manufacturer, offering stable quality and reasonable prices for PU tubes.

Model PU4*2.5 PU6*4 PU8*5 PU10*6.5 PU12*8 PU14*10 PU16*12
Fluid Air, water,non-corrosive oil
Operating pressure 0-1.0MPA(0~10kgf/cm²)
Ambient&fluid temperature -20~60℃
Tube O.D (mm) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Tube I.D (mm) 2.5 4 5 6.5 8 10 12
Standard Length (m) 200 200 100 100 100 100 100
Broken pressure(bar) 10 24 24 24 24 24 24

We only list the most usual models above,  we also have PU3*2, PU5*3, PU8*6, PU10*8, PU3/8, PU1/2, etc.

You also can refer to SMC and see which sizes you need exactly.

How to order:

For example:

PU 8 * 5 / 100M C
  Series Size /  Length Color
 Polyurethane tube Outside diameter  * Inside diameter  / R-red
4:   4mm  * 2.5: 2.5mm 200M BL-blue
6:   6mm  * 4:    4mm 200M TR-transparent
8:   8mm  * 5:    5mm 100M BK-black
10: 10mm  * 6.5: 6.5mm 100M Y-yellow
12: 12mm  * 8:    8mm 100M
14: 14mm  * 10:  10mm 100M
16: 16mm  * 12:   12mm 100M
The Application of PU tubes:

PU tube (Polyurethane tube) can be used in Medical Instruments, Automation Equipment, Auto Repair Workshops,

Production Line, Woodworking Industry, Decoration Spray Paint, etc.

Pics of warehouse tubes:

Except for the most usual color, transparent/black/blue/red, we also make other colors, like SMC’s most popular transparent blue, yellow, green, transparent red, and others. Contact us freely for more information. We refuse to use recycled materials, All the materials we use are new, and in this way, can guarantee longer use life.

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