Pneumatic Quick Coupling

Pneumatic Quick Coupling

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Working Pressure


Operating Temperature


Max. Pressure resistance

15 bar

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Pneumatic Quick Connect Fittings/Quick Connect Pneumatic Fittings/Pneumatic hose quick connect/ Air Hose Quick Coupler/Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Fittings/Pneumatic Quick Connect Coupling


Featured Steel with Chrome plated


High strength, Anti-rust, Wear and Pressure resistance, Long service life.


SP10 +PP10 (connect PU tube 6*4)

SP20 +PP20 (connect PU tube 8*5)

SP30+PP30 (connect PU tube 10*6.5)

SP40+PP40 (connect PU tube 12*8)

SM20+PM20 (Thread size: 1/4″)

SM30+PM30 (Thread size: 3/8″)

SM40+PM40 (Thread size: 1/2″)

SH10+PH10 (connect PU tube 6*4)

SH20+PH20 (connect PU tube 8*5)

SH30+PH30 (connect PU tube 10*6.5)

SH40+PH40 (connect PU tube 12*8)

SF20+PF20 (Thread size: 1/4″)

SF30+PF30 (Thread size: 3/8″)

SF40+PF40 (Thread size: 1/2″)


Fluid Type Air Vacuum
Operating Pressure 0~1.0Mpa
Negative Pressure -100Kpa(10Torr)
Max. Pressure 1.5Mpa
Operating Temperature 0~60℃
Applicable Tube PU/ Nylon and Polyurethane


Factory air pressure device;

High temperature and high-pressure equipment;

And Laboratory equipment pipeline

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