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Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 24VDC

Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 24VDC

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Max. Pressure resistance

10 bar

Working Media

Air, Oil, Water

Operating Temperature


Product Details:

Brief Introduction:

In the realm of fluid control, the brass electric solenoid valve stands as a paragon of precision and unwavering reliability. Crafted from high-quality brass, it delivers a dynamic solution that caters to an array of industrial applications. At its core, the brass electric solenoid valve operates as a gatekeeper of fluid flow, responding to electrical signals. Upon activation, the solenoid coil generates a magnetic field that prompts the valve’s swift opening, allowing fluid to course through pipelines or chambers. This instantaneous response, often measured in milliseconds, ensures precise control, making it a cornerstone in processes demanding accurate and rapid fluid management.
What sets the brass electric solenoid valve apart is not only its material prowess but also its versatility. Whether it’s controlling the flow of water in irrigation systems, managing fuel delivery in automobiles, or directing the movement of gases in industrial automation, this valve exhibits exceptional adaptability across an array of environments.
A paramount feature of this valve is its innate fail-safe mechanism, ensuring that even in the absence of electrical power, it maintains its current state. This attribute is critical in safety-critical applications, offering an additional layer of reliability in situations where uninterrupted flow control is vital.

Production Specification:
Model 2W025-08 2W040-10 2W160-15 2W200-20 2W250-25 2W350-35 2W400-40 2W500-50
Fluid Air, Water, Oil (filtered through 40u filter element)
Action Internally piloted type
Type Normally closed type/Normally open type
Effective area(mm²) 2.5 4 16 20 25 35 40 50
CV Value 0.23 0.6 4.8 7.6 12 24 29 48
Port size  1/4”  3/8”  1/2”  3/4”  1”  1-1/4”  1-1/2”  2”
Operating Pressure Water & Oil :0-7bar ;  Air:0-8bar
Proof Pressure 0-10bar
Fluid Temperature -5~80℃
Voltage range ±10%
Body Brass
Seal NBR
How to order:

      2W                160                   15           –       AC220V   

   Series                                      Orifice size                       Port size                                             Voltage

    2/2 way                                    025: 2.5mm                      08: 1/4”                                                DC12V

                                                     040: 4mm                         10: 3/8”                                                DC24V

                                                     160:16mm                        15: 1/2”                                                AC220V 50/60Hz

                                                     200:20mm                        20: 3/4”                                                AC24V 50/60Hz 

                                                     250:25mm                        25: 1”                                                   AC110V 50/60Hz

                                                     350:35mm                        35: 1-1/4”                                             AC380V 50/60Hz                 

                                                     400:40mm                        40: 1-1/2”                                           

                                                     500:50mm                        50: 2”             


Main Sizes:
Production Pics:


How to use the Brass solenoid valve correctly?
The price factor of Brass Solenoid Valve:

There are many prices for brass solenoid valves, different materials (including brass material, seals, valve coil also copper content in the coil), the process flows, and the testing procedure will decide the final prices.  If you want to get the best quotation, pls send your inquiry freely.  


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