What is the application of polyethylene tubes?

PU (Polyurethane) tube is a type of flexible tubing made from polyurethane material with many versatile applications. Some of the most common ways PU tubes are used include:

1. Pneumatics: PU tubes are commonly used in pneumatic systems to carry compressed air or other gases. They are used in the automation industry for controlling equipment and machinery.

2. Fluid transfer: PU tubes can also transfer liquids in industrial or laboratory applications. They are often used to transport water, chemicals, oils, or other fluids.

3.  Robotics: PU tubes are used in robotics for carrying air or hydraulic fluids to power and control the robot’s movement. They are flexible and can bend and twist without damaging the tubing. They are frequently used in pick-and-place robots or other types of automation systems.

4. Medical equipment: PU tubes are used in medical equipment such as oxygen masks and ventilators. They are biocompatible, which means they are safe to use in contact with human tissue.

5. Industrial applications: PU tubes are used in various industrial applications such as machine tooling, packaging machinery, and material handling. They are ideal for conveying powders, liquids, and gases.

6. Electrical insulation: PU tubes can be used for wires or other components. They can provide a protective layer that prevents electrical shocks or short circuits.

The article “Tubing for Automation, Robotics & Packaging Equipment” also describes the application of pneumatic tubing in

kinds of fields.

TOPO’s PU tubes and NYLON tubes can be used for 6 years in a normal-use environment.

We only use new materials and refuse to use recycled materials.

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