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The letters on the solenoid valves

What is a 5/2 solenoid valve?

We always see a 5/2 or 3/2 solenoid valve, so what is a 5/2 solenoid valve?

A 5/2 solenoid valve means it has 2 positions and 5 Ports. 2 positions mean that there are two working positions of the solenoid valve spool. 5 ports mean that the solenoid valve has five interfaces (Denoted by the letters R/S/P/A/B).
R is the exhaust hole, S is the exhaust hole, P is the intake hole, A is the working port, and B is the working port.
As shown in Figure 1.
(Figure 1)
A and B which connect cylinders are the reversing working ports. And P connects to the air source unit, and R /S connects to silencers.
Can we convert the 5/2 solenoid valve into the 3/2 solenoid valve?
Yes, sure. We can plug holes A and R with the following plugs. As shown in Figure 2.
      (Figure 2).
Also, we can remove these plugs if we need a 5/2 solenoid valve again.
We would better use PTFE PATE instead of liquid PTFE PATE. As shown in Figure 3.
      (Figure 3)
Do you know the 5 port 2 position solenoid valve better now?
And you can understand 3 2 solenoid valves in the same way.
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