GC type Air Regulator components

GC type Air Regulator components

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Aluminium alloy

Product Details:

Brief Introduction:

AIRTAC type G series pneumatic FRL, also called Pneumatic Air preparation, Air source treatment, Air filter regulator,

Air Compressor Flow Filter Pressure Regulator Lubricator Combination.

The main models are as below:

GC200, GC300, GC400 

Expert, we have more models about FRL.

And more detailed information can refer to AIRTAC.

Product Description:
  • Stable Feeding: Special drip nozzle with clearance seals will have negative pressure and low fogging flow, ensuring stable oil feed adjustment.
  • Good Filtering: Has high efficiency in the removal of water and particles, the filter promises reliable pressure regulation and high accuracy.
  • Better Control: The oil supply can be calculated through scale ring position, and the lubricator also enables refueling without interruption.
  • Drainage Modes: Comes with 3 kinds of drainage modes to choose from, including manual, differential pressure, and automatic drainage as well.
  • Easy to Install: Firm and quick connection means the convenient installation can be completed within several minutes.
How to Order:
 MODEL:  GC300-10
 G C 300 _ 10
Series code Function Body size Port size
  F. R.L 200 06: 1/8
combination 300 08: 1/4
400 10:3/8
15: 1/2
Product Specification:
Model GC200-06 GC200-08 GC300-08 GC300-10 GC300-15 GC400-10 GC400-15
Working medium Air
Port Size PT1/8 PT11/4 PT1/4 PT3/8 PT1/2 PT3/8 PT1/2
Filtration 40 μ or 5 μ
Adjustable pressure range 0.05 ~ 0.9 MPa
Maximum working pressure 1.0 MPa
Proof Pressure 1.5 MPa
Operating Temperature Range 5 ~ 60 ℃
The capacity of the Filter Cup 10 CC 40 CC 80 CC
The capacity of Oil Cup 25 CC 75 CC 160 CC
Recommended Lubrication ISO VG 32 or Same Grade
Weight 580 g 1300 g 2358 g
Components Filter GF 200-06 GF 200-08 GF 300-08 GF 300-10 GF 300-15 GF 400-10 GF 400-15
Regulator GR 200-06 GR 200-08 GR 300-08 GR 300-10 GR 300-15 GR 400-10 GR 400-15
Lubricator GL 200-06 GL 200-08 GL 300-08 GL 300-10 GL 300-15 GL 400-10 GL400-15
Overall Dimension:



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