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How to select a good PU Tube

1. About PU tube

PU tube is also called PU pipe or Pu hose. It divides into polyester type PU tube and polyether type PU tube according to the material.

PU tube is suitable for general working pressure liquid transportation. It can be used in industry, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fishery, aquaculture, garden irrigation, and other fields. Such as pneumatic pipes, hydraulic pipes, garden water pipes, oil, water pipes, petroleum exploration pipes, sandblasting pipes, peristaltic pump hoses, etc.

The PU pipe is very popular because of its wide range of uses.

Everyone wants to buy high-quality PU tubes at a lower price, sure, you can only get what you pay for. The very low price must mean low quality, that is Spending money to buy a bunch of scraps. It is also very troublesome for you to return the goods to suppliers. Especially you import from other countries. Some untrustworthy suppliers even won’t return you the money.

So, it’s important to know how to judge what is a good PU tube and what is bad.

2. Some suggestions on how to select a good PU tube

(1)See the Color.

The PU tube made of good material has a bright color and looks crystal clear without dull colors, very nice. Observe it, and see whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the PU tube. The high-quality PU tube is without any impurities. And its color will not change even after long-term storage. The color of low-quality PU pipes will turn yellow after a long time, and the pipes will even decompose due to aging.

(2)Observe whether the lumen is regular.

The inner cavity and outer edge of the high-quality PU tube are standard round. And the wall distribution is uniform. But the wall thickness of the poor-quality PU pipe is uneven. When it works under high pressure, the pressure on the pipe wall is uneven too. In this way, it will easily cause the PU pipe to burst.

(3)Touch the tubes.

The inner and outer walls of high-quality PU pipes are smooth and feel good. While low-quality PU pipes are rough.

(4)Smell the tubes.

The high-quality PU pipes have only a little plastic smell. While the low-quality pipes have some unpleasant other smells.

(5)Bend the PU tube.

High-quality PU pipes can recover their original shape and characteristics after being bent several times. While low-quality Pu pipes have obvious marks, and their elasticity becomes poor.

(6)Test the middle of the tube.

Please subtract the PU tube at both ends when testing. Because lots of low PU tube looks good at the ends but very bad in the middle part.


3. How to choose the right PU tube supplier

(1)Do a search about your market, see which type of PU tubes are sold most. If low price is much more popular, you don’t ask for too much on quality.

(2)Calculate the whole costs and decide which price you are willing to sell. Then decide what’s the cost price you want to buy. It’s much easier after you have your goal price.

(3)Compare different samples first before starting a commercial business.

4. How to use PU tubes

(1) Please use a professional pipe cutter to cut the required length. This can ensure the flatness and roundness of the cross-section of the PU pipe mouth. When assembling a PU tube, insert its mouth vertically into the bottom of the fitting. And pull it outward to ensure a successful connection.

(2)When bending the PU pipe, please pay attention to the smallest bending radius requirements. Excessive winding, stretching, and twisting of the PU pipe will directly affect the working capacity and even break.

(3)When storing PU pipes, put them in a ventilated and dry place. Storing in a damp place or the storage period is too long, will hydrolyze or age the hose, which may lead to breakage.

(4)The normal working pressure is 0-8bar, the max. pressure is 10bar, pls don’t use it in an environment above this pressure. Also do not allow the tube to be frictionally wound, stretched, or twisted too much, otherwise. It will be damaged and the working pressure will be affected also.

5. Conclusion

Selling Pu tubes is always a good business, but pls pay attention to the above points. If you have extra knowledge to add, please leave a message in the comment area for others to see them. If you want to know other pneumatic knowledge, pls write to TOPO AUTOMATION. We are willing to share any information that we have known.



Hi, I’m Zoe, I like sharing knowledge of related pneumatic and automatic products, also, some useful skills. Hope we can learn from each other.
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