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Money is the cheapest thing

Money is the cheapest thing in the world, and the value you can provide is much more important than money.

This is true of talent cultivation, close relationships, and the education of children.

We always think that giving money can keep outstanding talents. But we forget the respect, belonging, and self-realization that employees want.

We always think that giving money can keep a person’s heart. But we forget the greetings, cares, and warmth that she or he wants.

We always think that giving money is worthy of our children. But we forget the company, coexistence, and happy time our children want.

Here are two important points to share:

(1) The essence of business is a transaction. And the essence of the transaction is a value exchange.

First of all, you have to be valuable. If you are not, then no communication method or negotiation strategy will work. When you are valuable, you bring your own value to others and say: “This is what I can provide to you. May I exchange this with you?” Then the two parties conduct value transactions. And trade equally to achieve a win-win situation for each other.

And when you have no value, others don’t know what they can get from you. So they have to ask for money, and you will find out one day that what you can exchange for money is actually cheap things. Only real value can get more expensive and harder things.

(2) The starting point of all businesses is how to benefit consumers.

When you have no value, others can only ask you for money. When you have no value, you can’t make money.

Making money is never the beginning, but the end.

For example, if you open a restaurant. It has a very comfortable and luxurious decoration. And the discounts at the opening are also very large, which attracts a large number of people. This is a good start. But why does this situation continue? Why are people reluctant to come to your restaurant the second and third time? Because it’s not worth it. Your restaurant is expensive and tastes bad. Although the decoration is luxurious, people are not willing to spend a high price for a second time. The most important value of a restaurant is to provide high-quality dishes. Without this value, no one is willing to pay the bill over and over again, and you will not make any money in the end. So making money is a natural result.

Providing value is much more important than money, this is cognition, but also a pattern.



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