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The differences between high quality and low-quality water solenoid valves

There are many factors that affect the quality of solenoid valves, for example, the quality of accessories used, processing method, testing method, and so on.

Here I take the most popular model of water solenoid valve as an example to show the comparisons of ours with others.

Their models  are both 2W160-15.

1. The differences in appearance treatment, in Valve body mold, in size,

even in wire’s thickness and length.


2. The differences in weights.

Higher quality solenoid valve is much heavier. And we use higher brass content materials for the valve body and coil wire, this can make sure the valves not be burnt easily.

 3. The differences in details of all accessories.

The valve body on the left is called an integrated valve body, which can burn the solenoid valves easily.

This part is called the moving iron core which operates in the valve body to control opening and closing. The quality of the spring and diaphragm is also very important. A good diaphragm is very flexible and not easily broken even after many times operation, while the poor diaphragm is hard, and needs to be changed very often to make sure it can work normally.

The above pic shows the difference in the processing methods.

As I said, this other type could cause the coil to be burnt easily, then shorten the life of valves.

This kind of body has long been eliminated in our factory, but it continues to be used by many other manufacturers

because of its low costs.

Even with such small parts, we use good ones to make the whole valve looks more upscale.

Also, all the sealing materials we used are good materials to make sure the valves can operate more than 1 million times,

but other valves’ life is only half of ours.

Except for the above differences, our testing method is also very different from others, we sink the entire valve body into the water to observe where the air is leaking so that we can more comprehensively detect the air leak. Other manufacturers just ventilate both ends of the solenoid valve and apply a small amount of water to observe whether there is air leakage. Sometimes the slight air leakage cannot be observed easily, but their method can save lots of time, thus can reduce their costs.

Although there are so many differences, our prices are with no such big differences. We control the costs of our management strictly to reduce the prices, but we won’t reduce any expensive materials costs.



Hi, I’m Zoe, I like sharing knowledge of related pneumatic and automatic products, also, some useful skills. Hope we can learn from each other.
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