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CRB2BW/CRB2BWU/CDRB2BWU Vane Rotary Cylinder

CRB2BW/CRB2BWU/CDRB2BWU Vane Rotary Cylinder

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CRB2BW/CRB2BWU/CDRB2BW/CDRB2BWU Free-mounted vane rotary table cylinder is a popular type of pneumatic actuator.

CRB2BW/CRB2BWU/CDRB2BW/CDRB2BWU vane rotary cylinder manufacturer

Vane rotary cylinder has many different types:

CRB2BW is the Basic type

CDRB2BW is a magnetic-type

CRB2BWU is an Adjustable type

CDRB2BWU is an Adjustable and Magnetic type

vane rotary cylinder

Note: 1.Make sure to use the actuator within th eadjustable speed range. Exceedig the low speed range can cause

the unit to stick or not operate. For size 10, when operation at the maximum speed is required, the operating

pressure should be set to 0.35Mpa or higher.

2.The upper numbers in this section in the table ubducate tge energy factor when the rubber bumper is used,

and the lower umbers idicate the energy factor when the rurbber bumper is not used.

3.Adjustment range in the rable is for 270°.


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