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How to choose the right pneumatic regulators?

Would you want to get whole information about pneumatic regulators?

Want to know which one is the hottest selling one?

This article will tell you details.

1.SMC type pneumatic regulator

These first two pics item code is AR2000-02, there are different port threads for choosing.

AR2000-02/AR3000-02 for 1/4”, AR3000-03 for 3/8”, AR4000-04 for 1/2”,

AR4000-06/AR5000-06 for 3/4”, and AR5000-10 for 1”.

Some customers would like to change the normal color to another color, such as black body and black cap, white body and white cap, white body, and orange cap, thus make them different.

The third pic is the SMC type precision regulator IR series, they have 4 types of threads 1/8”,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”.

When customers need to adjust the pressure little by little, they can choose this type.

2.AIRTAC type pneumatic regulator


They are AR2000, just like AR2000-02, customers like to match different colors, this regulator has two series, A and B, AR2000 for A-series, BR2000(1/4”)/BR3000(3/8”)/BR4000(1/2”) for B-series.

Compared to the SMC type, AIRTAC type is more economic.

3.FESTO type regulator

They are LR-02-MIDI and LR-02-MINI, the difference between MIDI and MINI is the difference in body size, bigger and smaller.  And there are 3 port threads for MINI ones,1/8”,1/4”,3/8”, also 3 port threads for MIDI ones, 1/4”,3/8”,1/2”. Do you like the blue cap or the orange cap?

4.SHAKO type regulator

It seems that no customer planning to change this color, hahaha,

maybe you can be the first one to do it.

The first pic is normal size regulator UR series, there are 5 types of thread for this type,

1/4” for UR-02,  3/8” for UR-03,  1/2” for UR-04,  3/4” for UR-06,  1” for UR-08.

The second pic is Mini SHAKO type R200A, the last two pics are NR200/R200,

they are the smallest regulators.

The body material of the last one is zinc alloy, others are aluminum alloy.

The last 3 types of regulators always have only one size of the thread, that is 1/4”.


We have listed so many types of regulators, so which one is the cheapest?

The answer is the AIRTAC type regulator, so if you don’t want to pay too much, it’s your best choice. Sure, FESTO type is the most expensive, because it can get the Max.pressure to 12 bar, and others only can get to 8.5 bar. So if your machines’ working pressure is high, you can choose FESTO type pneumatic regulator. It is also made of Zinc alloy.

Conclusion: If you want a very small size regulator, then you can choose SHAKO type R200 and NR200(NR200 is cheaper).

If you want the cheapest regulator, then choose AIRTAC type AR2000.

If you need a regulator with higher working pressure, choose FESTO LR-02-MIDI or MINI (MINI is smaller and cheaper).

If you want to choose the hottest selling one, then SMC type AR2000-02 is your best choice.


You type SMC regulator, FESTO regulator,AIRTAC regulator, and SHAKO regulator in google trends,

Shows as below:

You can see very different Search volumes: SMC regulator>FESTO regulator>AIRTAC regulator>SHAKO regulator.

Now you know how to choose pneumatic regulators for selling or for your customers?

Tell me which you want, free samples are available.



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