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Pneumatic applications 1-The Pneumatic system of the lifting device for the Auxiliary installation of the luggage Rack in the bus

Pneumatic products are very practical in many ways. In the next few articles, I will give some examples of how these pneumatic products can be used in actual production and life. The first example is a pneumatic system of the lifting device for the auxiliary installation of the luggage rack in the large bus.

1.Basic structure

This device is a kind of auxiliary tooling for the installation of the luggage racks on large buses, which is used to support the installation of luggage rack, in order to replace the manual shoulder-carrying and hand-lifting operation.

The device consists of four brake casters (universal wheels) (figure 1), a cylinder with guide rail (figure 2), a three-position four-way manual reversing valve (figure 3), a combined bracket (figure 4), and an 8mm pipe (figure 5)(PU tube or Nylon pipe). The whole pic is shown below.

The width of the upper bracket of the device bracket is the same as the section of the air duct or luggage rack. The bottom of the combined support adopts a cross-shaped structure.

2.Principle of this pneumatic system

The below pic shows the principle of this pneumatic system.

By manipulating the handle of the reversing valve manually, the reciprocating motion of the air cylinder and stopping at any position can be realized.

This pneumatic auxiliary lifting device has below advantages:

Small volume, lightweight, easy operation, and convenient movement, after being connected to the existing gas source in the workshop, the lift can be controlled by a manual reversing valve, as shown below:

This device has a wide range of use, is not limited by the space in the bus, and is not affected by other working procedures;

Self-made structure, low cost (the manufacturing cost of a set of devices is not more than 100 US dollars); low labor intensity, and high work efficiency.

Two models are used here, recommend AIRTAC type air cylinder SC63*25-350 and AIRTAC type pneumatic solenoid valve 4HV330-08, the thread size is 1/4”. We also have many other brands of these two models with high quality.





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