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Common malfunctions of Water Brass Solenoid Valve -1

There are kinds of malfunctions when using a Water brass solenoid valve or called electric brass solenoid valve.

Here are 3 of them.

1. Q: Can we use 2w water brass solenoid valves directly in water?
A: We can’t use the 2W type brass solenoid valve directly in water because the protection level of the coil is not enough (submersible type IP68), and the protection level of the conventional solenoid valve coil is IP65. It is necessary to fill the electrical junction box of the 2W plastic coil with epoxy resin to meet the waterproof standard.

2. Q:  What should I do if the water brass solenoid valve does not produce water?
A: a. Check whether the coil is broken. You can use a tester to measure the resistance of the coil. The resistance difference between a good coil and a broken coil is as the below pic. The solution is to replace the broken coil with a good one, and you don’t need to replace the valve body.

b. Check whether the impurities block the inside of the solenoid valve. First, Open the valve body and check the diaphragm to ensure that the small hole and the middle hole on the diaphragm are clean, shows as the below pic. Then clean up the impurities and also the valve body before reinstalling the diaphragm. Please ensure that the small hole faces the right water flow direction when installing it.

3. Q: What should I do if the brass solenoid valve coil heats up?
A: First. Maybe we reverse the direction during installation and cause this problem. So, please check the arrow marked on the valve body and confirm whether they are consistent. Or else, the coil will heat up or even burn out.

Second. Ensure to install a water brass solenoid valve horizontally with the coil facing upwards, and make sure the coil cannot lie down or be upside down with the valve body.

Third. Check whether the correct power supply is connected. For example, if we apply 220V to a 24V or 12V solenoid valve, the coil will heat up and burn out.

The structure of the Water Brass solenoid valve is not too complicated. However, a good coil has a great influence on the quality of the solenoid valve. So, we will use high-quality brass material and enough brass weight to ensure the service life of the valve.

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