Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings Straight Through type

Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings Straight Through type

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Stainless Steel

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304/316 Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings Straight through type, pneumatic air fitting, Stainless Steel push-in fittings.
Straight through type includes: PC,PCF,PU,PG,PM,PMF and etc.
Name Pneumatic Stainless Steel Tube Fittings
Materials stainless steel
Finish Polished
Operating Pressure -100KPa-1.2MPa
Operating Temperature -10~60°C
Operating Pressure 0~1.2Mpa
Fluid Air, Water, Oil
Diameter Multi-sized
Features Straight, push to connect/lock
Application For PVC PU PE Rubber Silicone Plastic Tube Pipe Hose


Flexible pneumatic tubing is easily connected by simply inserting the tubing end into the fitting. To release the tubing, press the circular releasing sleeve and the tubing can be easily pulled out.

The rugged construction of the fittings allows for use in high-temperature applications.

The PC type has interior and exterior hexagonal shapes for efficient piping.

The screw section has O-ring, or Teflon coated

Stainless steel fittings can be used with polyurethane, nylon, and PTFE tubings.


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