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About Compression tube fitting

What is compression tube fitting?

A compression fitting compresses a component of one fitting into another to create an airtight seal between two different lines. It is usually made of brass or stainless steel. a compression fitting is a kind of quick connection that is mainly used for air piping and pneumatic tools and can be connected or disconnected without tools. They are mainly used for airlines, air compressors, grinders, air drills, impact wrenches, pneumatic screwdrivers, and other equipment, most of them will work together with PU pipes or other types of pipes. They can not only connect the air treatment units conveniently and quickly but also be safe and reliable. At present, a large number of practical compressed air is used as a source of power in the automobile manufacturing industry, home appliance manufacturing industry, or maintenance industry, so compression tube fittings are also widely used.

What is the difference between stainless steel compression fittings and brass compression fittings?

Both brass and stainless steel compression fittings are suitable for a range of pneumatic and hydraulic applications and have their own benefits. However, one major benefit is that brass is significantly more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel. In terms of thermal and electrical conductivity, brass outmatches stainless steel by fifteen times. Brass also has a significantly higher thermal expansion coefficient, which makes it perfect for applications that involve extremely high temperatures. Brass material also has the antistatic effect, fittings which are used in oil transmission, and most gas pipelines are made of brass.

For applications that require fluid control of petroleum and highly acid liquids, stainless steel is a better match. It has a naturally higher resistance to the acids and chemicals found in these liquids and also has better resistance to surface antioxidation. Finally, stainless steel can also be considered to be far superior to brass in more aggressive marine environments, including fast-moving currents. It not only has the characteristics of high temperature and high-pressure resistance but also has the advantages of stable structure, not easy to exudate impurities, not polluting the fluid, Anti-aging, durable, economical and environmentally friendly, clean, and convenient. Its biggest disadvantage is the high cost and big difficulty in processing.

Pls always remember that brass compression fittings are better suited to use with copper tubing and that stainless steel fittings are used for stainless steel tubing.

The main causes of the fitting’s leakage.

The main reasons for the leakage of the compression fittings are as below:

  1. Seal ring deformation and damage. No matter whether the air is turned off or deflated, both sides of the seal ring are subjected to pressure, and it is seriously deformed and easy to be damaged.
  2. The fitting’s body is too thin and will be damaged easily by wear and corrosion after being used for a period of time.

What should we pay attention to when using compression fittings?

  • Do not use it in places such as metal powder or dust to prevent poor work or leakage.
  • Do not exceed the maximum fastening torque during installation to prevent damage
  • Do not use cracked pipes for installation to prevent leakage or shedding.
  • The medium fluid used must be a clean fluid filtered by a filter.
  • Do not disassemble the compression fittings casually
  • Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit and temperature limit when in use
  • Do not hit, bend or stretch artificially to prevent damage

How can we recognize a good compression fitting?

  • See if the core sleeve is in good agreement with the fitting’s main body.
  • See if the stainless steel snaps spring and ferrule inside the fitting uniform enough.
  • See if the thread is standard and whether the fluorine on the screw tooth is coated evenly.
  • Whether the fitting misses the seal ring
  • Whether the inner hole of the thread is too large or too small?

The sealing performance affects the quality. Poor seal quality will bring the fitting’s leakage problem soon. And a cheap fitting must be made of cheap material which is easy to rust, thus affecting the operation of the whole equipment.



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