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A simple way to choose the right quick-disconnect coupling

Quick disconnect couplings also called quick disconnect fittings are simple products, but they are important to all applications that could potentially require an easy and fast solution to fluid spillage or mingling.

Then how to choose the right quick disconnect coupling quickly?

There are 4 basic combinations as below, and each model has 3 sizes,

like SF20,SF30,SF40, PF20,PF30,PF40,SM20,SM30,SM40,PM20,PM30,PM40…

How to choose

1. Pls select SH+PH, or SP+PP if you need to connect coupling to the tubes.

Pu tubes’ sizes are as below, it has an inner diameter and outer diameter.

Follow the below instructions:


2. Pls select the following combination for threaded connection, SM+PM, or SF+PF.

Follow the below instructions:



Proper Care

After you choose the right quick-release fittings, to make sure your couplings work well and serve you for a long time, you must first make sure they do not become contaminated when you’re not using them. The best way to do this is by covering them with plugs and caps during disuse.

Next, during use, you need to make sure that you never use a coupling to connect lines that pump higher levels of pressure than that for which the coupling is designed. If you do run fluid lines that exceed high-pressure recommendations, the couplings could fail. At best, this would be an inconvenience, and at worst, this would cause extreme injury, death, or damage to the environment. Likewise, never run fluids through coupled lines that coupling is not designed to handle. For example, if your coupling is made from a material that cannot handle chemicals without corrosion, do not use it to connect lines that transport such chemicals.

Finally, we also recommend that, in addition to exercising common sense, any coupling operators familiarize themselves with the safety guide your supplier provides.





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